Monday, April 8, 2019

Skived Heat Sink

Skived fin heat sinks offer highly optimized cooling as they allow for higher fin densities but do not have an interface joint where heat transfer could be impeded. Unlike bonded or brazed Heat Sinks, Skived Heat Sinks are constructed from a single piece of material and therefore have no thermal resistance between the base and the fins. They are manufactured by precisely slicing the top of the base and folding it back and repeating at regular intervals to create the fins.

The skiving process enables high fin density and thin fin heat sink geometries which provide optimal thermal performance. By packing as much fin surface area into a given volume, skived fin heat sinks have greater heat transfer than other single piece construction heat sinks such as extruded aluminum heat sinks. Compared to extruded aluminum, skived fin heat sink fabrication does not rely on expensive tooling which provides greater design flexibility. Instead, each fin is cut separately using the same tool which allows for lower tooling costs.

Additionally skived heat sinks can be constructed of aluminum or copper allowing for full, one-piece copper solutions for high performance cooling.

1.(1). Copper Skived Heat Sink

(2). Copper Skived Heat Sink Manufacturing Process

2.(1). Aluminum Skived Heat Sink

(2). Aluminum Skived Heat Sink Manufacturing Process

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