Monday, April 8, 2019

Liquid Cooling Cold Plate

Liquid Cooling Cold Plate removes high rates of heat with low fluid flow, and are now being used for high power electronic components.

We designs and manufactures standard and custom cold plates, including high-performance vacuum-brazed cold plates, micro channel liquid cold plate, tube cold plate ...

1.Liquid Cold Plates Design

2.(1). Liquid Cold Plates manufacturing technology
(2).Tube Cold Plates

 (3).Liquid cold plate manufactured by FSW (friction stir welding)

3..Liquid Cold Plates Inspection

4.Liquid Cold Plates Application

* Electric power transmission

High voltage direct current transmission(HVDC)、HVDC Flexible、IGBT、SVG、Semiconductor Package、UPS(Uninterruptible Power System/Uninterruptible Power Supply) 

* Renewable Energy

Power Converters、Wind power generation、Wind Turbines、Solar Inverters, etc.


Rail Traction System、Hybrid /Electric Vehicle (HEV/EV), Auxillary Vehicle Systems

* Others

Telecommunications、Data Centers、Supercomputers

Industrial frequency conversion、Industrial Motor Controls、Medical Device、Laser Equipments、Military & Aerospace

Thermal management, Electronics cooling, Thermal-cooling Projects, Turnkey Thermal management solutions, liquid cold plate for IGBT module, EV/HEV, Medical device. We provide one-stop thermal-management solutions, from R & D, thermal simulation to manufacturing, products include Skived Heat Sink, Pin Fin Heat Sink, Heat Pipe Heat Sink, Liquid Cold Plate 

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