Monday, April 8, 2019

Vapor Chamber

A vapor chamber is essentially a flat heat pipe that can spread heat evenly in two dimensions. It consists of a hollow copper shell that has an internal wick structure to transport the fluid to the heat source and a vapor area for the transport of the vapor away from the heat source. The entire chamber is operated under vacuum so that the operation fluid (water) vaporizes at room temperature. This is how the vapor chamber very efficiently transports heat evenly across the surface of the condenser, allowing all the fins to work as hard as the ones that are over the center of the heat source. The vapor chamber performance will increase over that of a metallic heat sink the larger the base area and the smaller in the heat input. 

Vapor chambers offer superior thermal spreading performance over traditional solid metal heat spreaders by taking advantage of two-phase liquid/vapor transport.   Their lower weight and height over traditional solutions couples with their high thermal conductivity to give extremely low thermal resistance in-plane as well as through the thickness of the vapor chamber. Vapor Chambers are best suited for components with high heat densities (larger TDP in small chip sizes) which need to spread their heat to a larger area heat exchanger to achieve safe operating temperatures, thereby providing extended life and reliability for components and applied products

Vapor Chambers are designed to provide critical thermal solutions in the most limited spaces. One of the advantages of vapor chambers is that they can be used as heat flux transformer, cooling a high heat flux from an electronic chip or laser diode, and transforming it to a lower heat flux that can be removed by natural or forced convection.

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